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Recognized and admitted breeds in the CBA

28/03/2017 19:49
Recognized and admitted breeds in the CBA   Breed Synonym Category Recognized Admitted Preliminary Organisations   Abyssinian   SH x     all American Bobtail...


28/03/2017 19:45
Colours Distribution distribution of colours Markings tabby pattern:tabby blotched, mackerel, spotted, ticked, marbled Remarksremarks to specific colours   Soliduniformly coloured Tortie (tortieshell)colour with red/cream Bicolour 2)solid colour and...

Awarding of points and titles

28/03/2017 19:40
Awarding of points and titles Awarding of titles is done according to the following point system: Meaning Award Points Title not suitable for breeding good 61 points --- limited suitable for breeding very good 76...

Definitions in the Standard

28/03/2017 19:39
Definitions in the Standard The following terms are used both in the parts of the standard and in the scale of points: Term Includes Body / Type general appearance of the cat, which should be harmonious and well...

General faults in all breeds

28/03/2017 19:36
1.1 General faults in all breeds   Withhold the certificate for all cats in case  of the following faults Disqualification in case of the following faults Body stiffness in the spine (including the tail) knot or kink in the tail deformation of the sternum dwarfism (nanism) poly-...

Glossary of technical terms

28/03/2017 19:34
Glossary of technical...

The parts of the cat

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