Austalian Mist

01.02.2017 16:33

Australian Mist

To Shorthair breeds

The body is of medium size and medium length. It is hard and muscular and heavier than it appears. 
The chest is broad and rounded, when viewed in profile.
The legs are of medium length and muscular, paws are oval.
The tail is long. It tapers slightly from a broad base to the tip. 


The head has the shape of a broad, blunt wedge, with good width between the ears. 
The contours are slightly rounded. In profile the nose shows a slight indentation, no break,
the nose and the forehead are equally long, the forehead is arched. The nose is already 
broad at the nose leather. The whisker pads are solid, with a firm chin.

Ears The ears are of medium to large size, broad at the base with rounded tips. They are slightly 
tilted forwards. The outer line of the ears continues the contours of the head.
Eyes The eyes are large, lustrous, set wide apart and slanted towards the nose. The upper eye
line is straight, the lower rounded. All shades of green are permitted.
Coat The coat is short, glossy and elastic, with undercoat. 
Colour Full, warm rufous toning on the nose, the cheeks and on the ears, also in pale colours.
Lighter on the underside of the body. 
Spotted or marbled pattern.

The coat colour has 3 levels:


  • ground colour (lighter than the pattern)
  • pattern (gently darker than the ground colour, but at the same time clearly visable)
  • misted mantle (the pattern appears under a veil of even ticking)


Colour varieties Colour   Nose leather Paw pads

Ground colour: warm, dark ivory

Pattern: dark brown

Misted mantle:
reddish-brown rufous toning

brick red

Rim: dark brown

dark brown



Ground colour: warm, oatmeal

Pattern: blue-grey

Misted mantle:
rose-cream rufous toning

old rose

Rim: blue-grey



Ground colour: warm, cream-fawn 
under a cool metallic sheen

Pattern: varies from a cool bluish 
fawn to honey-brown

Misted mantle: hot cream rufous toning


Blue-based: mulberry-pink


Lilac-based: lavender-pink


Fawn-based: pink


Ground colour: warm, cream-fawn

Pattern: chocolatefarben

Misted mantle: glowing copper rufous toning


Rim: chocolate


Ground colour: warm, gentle champagne

Pattern: dove-grey

Misted mantle: pink-fawn rufous toning

light pink

Rim: dove-grey

  Gold (cinnamon)

Ground colour: warm, cream

Pattern: old golden

Misted mantle: bronze rufous toning


Rim: bronze


Peach (fawn)

Ground colour: pink-cream

Pattern: salmon-pink

Misted mantle: salmon-pink rufous toning.
A lilac glow is desirable.

light pink

Rim: salmon-pink

light pink
  • The full development of the colours chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold (cinnamon) and peach (fawn) needs 2 years.
  • The colours of kittens are distinctly less expressed up to this age.
  • fine bone structure
  • little muscle tone
  • pinch
  • long or flat skull
  • small or high set ears
  • small or round eyes
  • woolly or too sleek coat
  • any other eye colour than green in adult cats
  • lack of ticking
Scale of points
Body 20 points
Head and ears 25 points
Eyes 10 points
Coat texture 10 points
Coat colour, pattern 30 points
Condition 5 points