Puanların ve unvanların verilmesi

28.03.2017 19:40

Awarding of points and titles

Awarding of titles is done according to the following point system:

not suitable for breeding good 61 points ---
limited suitable for breeding very good 76 points ---
suitable for breeding excellent 88 points ---
Challenge certificate 
Champion / Premier
CAC / CAP 93 points 3 CAC / CAP required for Champion / Premier. Certificates may be won in the home-country or in the same country.

Challenge certificate International
Champion / Premier

CACIB / CAPIB 95 points 3 CACIB / CAPIB required for Int.Ch. / Int.Pr., where 1 certificate must be won in another country / region.
Challenge certificate Grand International Champion / Premier CAGCIB / CAGPIB 97 points 3 CAGCIB / CAGPIB required for Gr.Int.Ch. / Gr.Int.Pr., where 1 certificate must be won in another country / region.

Challenge certificate Europa Champion / 
Continental Champion / Premier

CACE / CAPE 97 points 3 CACE / CAPE required for European Ch. / European Pr. resp. Cont.Ch. / Cont.Pr., where all 3 certificates must 
be won in three different countries / regions.

Challenge certificate Grand Europa 
Champion / Premier
Grand Continental Champion / Premier

GCACE / GCAPE 98 points 3 GCACE / GCAPE required for Gr. European Ch. / Gr. European Pr. bzw. Gr.Cont.Ch. / Gr.Cont.Pr., where all 
3 certificates must be won in three different countries / regions.
Challenge certificate World Champion /
CACM / CAPM 98 points 3 CACM / CAPM required for World Ch. / World Pr., where all 3 certificates must be won in three different countries / regions and where one country must be located in another continent .
CAC / CAP may be won on national shows, all other titles must be acquired on international shows.
n order to award the points every breed standard includes a scale of points  - see the Standards. 
The points are distributed according to the typical features of every single breed. The more points are allotted to a part of the standard the more serious
a corresponding fault is considered. For example: If 20 points are allotted to coat texture (for example in the Russian Blue), a poor coat texture should 
be penalized more severely than for example in the Korat, where only 10 points are allotted to coat texture.
Best Variety Best Varietät 95 points Best Variety will be awarded only, if 3 cats are present.
Best Variety Neuter Neuters compete separately for Best Variety Neuter.
Best Variety Kitten If 3 kittens (3-10 months) are present, also kittens may 
be awarded Best Variety Kitten.
Best in Show Best in Show 95 points

In each category the following cats may be nominated:


  • best adult male cat
  • best adult female cat
  • best neutered male cat
  • best neutered female cat
  • best male veteran
  • best female veteran
  • best male kitten 6 – 10 months
  • best female kitten 6 – 10 months
  • best male kitten 3 – 6 months
  • best female kitten 3 – 6 months
  • best male baby
  • best female baby
  • best litter



Best Opposite Sex
Best in Show Neuter
Best Opposite Sex Neuter
Bester Veteran
Best kitten 3-6 months
Best kitten 6-10 months
Best Baby
Best Litter
Best of Best Best of Best 1

Best in Show 
winner in each


Only the adult winners (un-neutered) of the Best in Show compete for the Best of Best. These 4 winners are ranked by each allbreed judge.
Best of Best 2
Best of Best 3
Best of Best 4
Master The winner of a
Master-ring receives 
the title "Master".
Entitled to participate are: 1st and 2nd place of a WCF-ring The Master-ring may be organized only once per year and per country. An allbreed judge will rank maximum the 10 best cats.