01/02/2017 16:46


To Shorthair breeds

The medium sized cat has a strong, muscular body structure. 
The legs are of medium length and muscular, the paws are round and firm. 
The tail is of medium length and slightly rounded at the tip.


The head is broad at the base with well developed, full cheeks, which give the head the
shape of an inverted trapezium with rounded contours. The line of the profile is slightly
curved. The muzzle is small and narrow in proportion to the head. 
The neck is short and solid.


The ears are medium sized with slightly rounded tips. They are placed high. 

Eyes The eyes are large, round and vivid. They are set wide apart. 
The colour varies from dark yellow to copper.
Coat The coat is short, dense and slightly upstanding. The texture is crisp.
Colour varieties

Brilliant, uniform blue. A lighter blue is preferred.

Nose leather blue-grey
Paw pads blue-grey to lavender-pink
Scale of points
Body 35 points
Head 25 points
Eyes 10 points
Coat texture 15 points
Coat colour 10 points
Condition 5 pointsC