01.02.2017 16:58

LaPerm Shorthair


To Shorthair breeds

The medium-sized cat is muscular and has medium bone substance. The body is of medium length. 
Legs have medium boning, they are muscular and of medium length. Hind legs slightly longer than 
front legs, paws are rounded. The tail is medium long in proportion to the body, thicker at the base 
and slightly tapering. 


The head is a modified wedge with gently rounded contours. The forehead is flat, the profile

has a slight dip below the lower eye level. The nose is straight, broad and of moderate length. 
The muzzle is broad with rounded contours and with a moderate to strong whisker break,

whisker pads are full and rounded with long, flexible whiskers. The firm chin forms a vertical
line with the tip of the nose.


The ears are medium to large in size, slightly tilted forwards and sideward to continue the wedge 
of the head, with clearly visible ear furnishings and earmuffs.
Lynx-tufts are preferred.

Eyes The eyes are medium in size and expressive, almond-shaped. They are set moderately far apart and
slightly set at a slight slant towards the base of the ears.
All eye colours are permitted.
Coat The coat is medium short, elastic, quite light, not too heavy and not too thick. The coat must stand off
from the body. The coat may be loosely waved or curled over most of the cat, curling is preferred. 
The curls are not very tight. The coat can be easily parted along the back. 
The tail looks like a bottle brush.
Colour varieties All colours and patterns are recognized. Any amount of white is permitted. The description of colours 
is listed in the general list of colours.
  • The texture varies in the different colours.
  • Coat length varies with the seasons.
  • Development of the curls is very slow and will take up to 2-3 years.


  • too cobby body
  • too short legs
  • bare patches and/or too sparse coat in adults
  • lack of ear furnishing
  • lack or too short whiskers
Scale of points
Body 25 points
Head 20 points
Muzzle and chin 10 points
Coat texture 20 points
Waves and curls 20 points
Condition 5 points