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To Shorthair breeds

The relatively small cat has a compact and solid build. The rib cage is rounded and the back is slightly arched. 
The legs are rather muscular and of medium length, narrowing evenly to small, oval paws. 
The tail is of medium length and slender with a slightly rounded tip.


Rounded head with a rather short, broad and pronounced muzzle. 
The profile is curved, with a slight indentation below the eye level.


The ears are very large, broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips and light tufts inside. 
They are medium high set and tilted slightly forward. 

Eyes The eyes are strikingly large and rounded. They are wide set (at least one eye's width between). 
Eye colour varies from yellow-green to yellow to hazelnut-brown.
Coat The coat is short, dense, fine and close lying to the body. Each single hair has double or preferably
triple bands of ticking. The ticking shall be uniform, without stripes over the body. 
The line along the spine (eel line), the tail tip and the back of the hind legs (plantar faces) are the same 
colour as the ticking. Chest and belly are without ticking and show only the base colour. 
The inner side of the legs may show slight stripes.
Colour varieties

The colour sepia-agouti is recognized. The base is ivory, banded with a warm brown tone. 

Nose leather salmon, rimmed in seal
Paw pads seal
  • eyes protruding too much
Scale of points
Body 20 points
Head 35 points
Coat texture 10 points
Coat colour, pattern 30 points
Condition 5 points