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To Siamese and Oriental Shorthair

The medium-sized body combines the elegance of the Siamese with the roundness of the Burmese.
The body is of medium length and well muscled. 
The legs are of medium length, the paws are medium-sized and oval. 
The tail is strong at the base and tapers to a slightly rounded tip.


The head is wedge-shaped, with gently rounded contours, a slightly convex profile and high cheek
bones. When viewed from the front, the head forms an equilateral triangle.
The muzzle is prominent and rounded and well defined, but without a pinch. 
The chin is firm.

Ears The slightly forward tilted ears are large and end in slightly rounded tips. 
They are set wide apart on the head, pointing slightly outwards to continue the outer lines 
of the wedge.

The eyes are large. The upper eyelid is almond-shaped, the lower rounded. They are set at a 
slight angle to the outer edge of the ears.

Eye colour:

  Mink even in colour, bright aquamarine / light turquoise, typical for mink
  Pointed blue
  Solid green to yellow-green
Coat The coat is medium short, fine, silky and dense and firm lying to the body.
Colour varieties

The entire body is typically covered by a lustrous sheen. In all colours the lower part of the body
is slightly lighter than the back. The body colour is clear, without any tabby stripes or markings. 
The lighter body colour tones with the point colour. The body colour is clearly lighter than the

points in Mink. The contrast between the points and body is less defined in Solid. The contrast

between the much darker points and pale body is well defined in Pointed.


The classic colours for Mink, Pointed and Solid are:

  Natural Mink Natural denotes the seal variety.
  Champagne Mink Champagne denotes the chocolate variety.
  Blue Mink  
  Platinum Mink Platinum denotes the lilac variety.
  Natural Pointed  
  Champagne Pointed  
  Blue Pointed  
  Platinum Pointed  
  Natural Solid  
  Champagne Solid  
  Blue Solid  
  Platinum Solid  
  • In kittens slight ghost markings and an overall lighter body colour shall be tolerated.
  • The cat is between the Siamese and the Burmese.
  • Too much similarity to either of the original breeds in type and coat is undesirable.
Scale of points
Body 25 points
Head 25 points
Eyes 15 points
Coat texture 10 points
Body colour and points 20 points
Condition 5 points