About Us


(Kedi Irkları Derneği - in Turkish)

The headquarters of the Federation is located in Istanbul. Short name CBA (KEDİ-in Turkish).

A bit of history. Since 2011, a group of cat lovers decided to establish a Public Organization in Turkey. The public organization of cat lovers was officially registered in January 2014, the headquarters is in Istanbul. Members of the club are of different nationalities, but the main backbone consists of Russian-speaking breeders who are from different cities of Turkey. In 2016, the official branch of the Federation in Antalya was opened as well. From 2014 to 2016, the Federation was a member of the WCF, but on 19/02/2017, by a decision of the General Assembly of Members decided to leave the wcf and make changes to the charter allowing to work in full force and independently. Today, the Federation has the right to train judges, organize own en exhibitions, create standards, issue championship certificates, pedigrees, register catteries, etc.

CBA members can be individuals, clubs, and other associations. We are open to cooperation with all. The CBA works on the basis of a cooperation agreement with other Associations and Federations for joint exhibitions and seminars. CBA does not impose its rules but tries to unite the best minds and felinological clubs and systems under one roof. Together we can compete and do more for the development of Felinology in general!

Interested persons are given the opportunity to get a professional program for exhibitions and a club with a personal discount. In the future, a single genealogy database will be created, to which all CBA members and partners will be connected. The work has already begun on it.