Don Sphynx


The medium sized cat is solid and muscular. The body is of medium length
with a straight back. The rump is wider than the shoulders.
The legs are of medium length and muscular. The paws are slightly rounded
with long toes (monkey fingers). The tail is long and straight with a rounded tip.



The medium-sized cat is muscular, rounded and robust. It has a relatively fine bone structure.
The rib cage is broad and massive, the abdomen rounded. The legs are also of fine built, but
muscular and solid. The front legs are set wide apart due to the broad rib cage.
The paws are oval and have long toes (monkey fingers). ...



The medium sized, elegant cat is slender and muscular. The body is elongated and lithe.
The rib cage and shoulders are not wider than the hips. The legs are long and slender,
the front legs are straight and the paws are dainty and oval with long toes (monkey fingers).