Don Sphynx


Don Sphinx

To Hairless breeds


The medium sized cat is solid and muscular. The body is of medium length
with a straight back. The rump is wider than the shoulders.
The legs are of medium length and muscular. The paws are slightly rounded
with long toes (monkey fingers). The tail is long and straight with a rounded tip.


The head is wedge-shaped with well developed cheek bones and eye brows.

The forehead is flat with many vertical wrinkles between the ears. The nose is
of medium length and straight, the transition to the forehead must be prominent.
The muzzle is of medium length and rounded with a suggestion of a slight pinch.
The chin is firm.


The ears are large, high set and slightly tilted forwards, with rounded tips.
The outer edge of the ears continues the vertical lines of the head.
The distance between the ears is not larger than an ear's width.


The eyes are medium sized, almond-shaped and set at a slight slant.

All eye colours are permitted.


The skin is elastic, completely naked or covered with a slight down.
Prominent skin wrinkles on the head, the neck, on the legs and the belly.
Whiskers are desired.
Legs, paws, tail and muzzle may be covered with slight coat up to 2 mm.
Hairless cats are preferred.

Colour varieties

All colours and patterns are recognized. Any amount of white is permitted.
The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.


  • coat on the entire body

Scale of points

Body 20 points
Head 30 points
Eyes 5 points
Hairlessness, wrinkles 35 points
Colour 5 points