To Hairless breeds


The medium-sized cat is muscular, rounded and robust. It has a relatively fine bone structure.
The rib cage is broad and massive, the abdomen rounded. The legs are also of fine built, but
muscular and solid. The front legs are set wide apart due to the broad rib cage.
The paws are oval and have long toes (monkey fingers).
The tail is long and slender, whipped and naked. A little tuft on the tip (lion-tail) is permitted.


Medium-sized head, modified, slightly rounded wedge, barely longer than broad, with a short, firm, pronounced and rounded muzzle and prominent cheek bones. Slight stop at the base of the nose. The neck is of medium length and muscular.


The ears are strikingly large and set wide apart. They are broad at the base and the inside is without
any hairs. Slight down at the base of the back of the ear is permitted.


The eyes are large, lemon-shaped and set at a slight slant.
The distance between the eyes is slightly wider than an eye's width.
Eye colour shall correspond with the colour of the skin.


The skin is only covered by a slight down. It has the appearance and texture of the
skin of a human and has the same functions. There are wrinkles on the forehead,
the neck and legs. Slight furnishing on the muzzle is permitted.
Whiskers are desirable.

Colour varieties

All colours and patterns are recognized. Any amount of white is permitted.
The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.


  • Strong similarity to the Devon Rex or Cornish Rex is a severe fault.


  • Matings with other naked cats are not permitted.

Scale of points

Body 35 points
Head 30 points
Eyes 5 points
Hairlessness, wrinkles 25 points
Condition 5 points