American Curl


American Curl Shorthair

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The medium sized cat has a medium heavy bone structure with moderately developed musculature.
The body is elongated and slender.
The legs are of medium length, the paws rounded.
The tail is long, broad at the base and tapers to a slightly rounded tip.


The head is longer than broad and has a rounded wedge shape without flat planes.
The profile is curved.
The chin is firm, in line with the nose tip and the upper lips.


The ears are gently curved backwards to the centre of the head, rounded in a flexible tip.
The curling has an arc of at least 90 degrees. The arc may not exceed 180 degrees.
Starting at the base the edges of the ears have a firm cartilage which reaches to 1/3 of the height.


The eyes are walnut shaped (the upper lid is oval, the lower lid round), they are rather large and
set at a slight slant. All colours are permitted. The colour must be pure and brilliant. Exception in
pointed cats: the colour must be blue.


The short coat is silky, flat lying, elastic and has almost no undercoat.

Colour varieties

All colours and patterns are permitted. Any amount of white is permitted.
The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.


  • stocky body
  • excessive size
  • oriental type
  • stop
  • abrupt change of direction of the ears without gentle curve (sharp bend)
  • vertical or horizontal crimp
  • inner side of the ears corrugated
  • dense or plush coat
  • too dense undercoat

Faults excluding the CAC

  • extremely curled ears in adults, causing the ear tips to touch the back of the ears or the skull
  • thick or calcified ears
  • lack of the firm cartilage at the base of the ears

Scale of points

Body 25 points
Head 25 points
Ears 30 points
Coat texture and colour 15 points
Condition 5 points