To Shorthair breeds


The body is medium sized and of medium length. It is muscular and more solid and heavier than it appears.
The chest is solid and rounded, when viewed in profile. The back is straight from the shoulders to the rump.
The legs are proportionally fine, the paws are dainty and oval in shape.
The tail is straight and of medium length. It continues from a gentle base to a slightly rounded tip.


The head has the shape of a short, blunt wedge. The contours are gently rounded.
The prominent cheek bones are set wide apart.
The profile is clearly curved. Chin and lower jaw are firm.


The ears are large, set wide apart and slightly tilted forward. They are broad at the base with slightly
rounded tips. The outer lines of the ears continue the upper part of the face.


The eyes are large and set wide apart. The upper line of the eyes is set at an oriental slant towards
the nose, while the lower line is rounded.
Colour varies from yellow to amber.


The coat is very short, fine and glossy. It is close lying to the body and has almost no undercoat.

Colour varieties

self all colours, including cinnamon, fawn and caramel

The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.


  • The Asian is a cat of Burmese type.


  • pinch
  • hollow cheeks

Faults excluding the CAC

  • green eyes
  • white patches in the coat

Scale of points

Body 20 points
Head, ears 25 points
Eyes 20 points
Coat texture 15 points
Body colour 15 points