Brazilian Shorthair


Brazilian Shorthair

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The body is medium sized and muscular, yet slender and elegant.
The legs are of medium length, the paws slightly rounded.
The tail is of medium length to long, not broad at the base and slightly tapering.
The neck is firm, but not strongly muscled.


The small to medium sized head is a moderate wedge, longer than broad.
The profile is slightly curved.
Chin and lower jaw are firm.


The ears are large. They are higher than the width of the base.
They are set high and have tufts.


The eyes are large and rounded. They are set wide apart (1,5 eye width between).
Eye colour corresponds with the coat colour.


The coat is short and glossy and close lying to the body.
It has a silky texture and no undercoat.

Colour varieties

All colours and patterns, except pointed colours, are recognized. Any amount of
white is permitted. The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.

Special regulation The novice class is not permitted outside of Brazil.

Scale of points

Body 30 points
Head 35 points
Eye colour 5 points
Coat texture 10 points
Coat colour, pattern 15 points
Condition 5 points