British Longhair


British Longhair

Mating with other breeds forbidden

To Longhair breeds


The medium to large sized cat is muscular and cobby. Chest, shoulders and back are broad and massive.
Legs are short and muscular; paws thick and round.
The tail is medium long and thick with a rounded tip and reaches to the shoulders.
The neck is short and strong.


The head is rounded, massive, broad with a firm chin. The nose is short, broad and straight.
The profile is curved (without any stop). Cheeks are full and pronounced. The large round whisker pads
lend a distinct outline to the short muzzle.


The ears are medium in size, broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips. They are set wide apart.

Eyes The eyes are large and round, set wide apart. Eye colour corresponds with coat colour.



The coat shall be long, smooth and very dense, with sufficient undercoat.
It shall be crisp and not flat lying, it shall stand away from the body.
A ruff and "knickerbockers" are desirable.
The tail shall be bushy, well furnished and full to emphasize the cat's beauty.


Rather coarse and crisp, but softer than that of British Shorthair.
The coat texture may be different in colours other than blue.

Colour varieties

All colours and pointed colours with Siamese points without white are recognized. The description of
colours is listed in the general list of colours.


  • A profile with a stop

Scale of points

Body 20 points
Head 30 points
Colour of the eyes 10 points
Coat texture 10 points
Coat length 15 points
Coat colour, pattern 10 points
Condition 5 points