Celtic Shorthair

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The medium to large sized cat is strong and muscular, not too compact, but lithe.
The rib cage is round and well developed.
Strong, solid legs of medium length, which narrow evenly to firm, round paws.
The tail is of medium length with a broad base and tapers slightly to a rounded tip.


The broad head gives a rounded impression, it is slightly longer than broad.
The nose is straight, of medium length and equally broad in the entire length.
The profile is clearly curved. The neck is of medium length and muscular.


The ears are medium sized with slightly rounded tips, which may have tufts.
The ears are wide set and almost upright. The ears are as high as their width at the base.


The eyes are rounded and open, set wide apart and set at a slight angle.
Eye colour shall be even and corresponds with the coat colour.


The coat is short, dense, firm and glossy.

Colour varieties 

The colours chocolate and cinnamon, as well as their dilution (lilac and fawn) are not recognized
in any combinations (bicolour, tricolour, tabby). The pointed pattern is also not recognized.
All other colours and patterns are recognized. Any amount of white is permitted. The description
of colours is listed in the general list of colours.


  • The Celtic Shorthair cat equates to an average European domestic cat,
    which has developed naturally, without any planned breeding aims.
  • The ideal Celtic Shorthair cat is free from any outcross to other recognised breeds.


  • Any signs of an outcross to other recognised breeds.

Scale of points

Body 25 points
Head 25 points
Colour of eyes 10 points
Coat texture 10 points
Coat colour, pattern 25 points
Condition 5 points