German Longhair


German Longhair

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The German Longhair is a large, muscular cat of long rectangular shape. It has a round and well-developed chest, the neck is solid. The muscular legs are of medium length, ending in large, round solid paws with toe tufts. The tail is of medium length and plume-bushy, thick towards base, gradually tapering towards a rounded tail tip.


The head is of trapezoidal shape with high set cheek bones and a blunt, short muzzle being slightly longer than broad. The broad chin is moderately strong developed. The gently sloping profile slightly curves down to a roman nose of medium length and width equally broad to its entire length.


The ears are of medium size, slightly tilted forwards and set wide apart. They are broad at the base with rounded tips.

Eyes The eyes are oval, large and open. They are slightly slanted and set wide apart.


The coat is long with a frill and breeches. The easy to groom coat is shiny and silky and has undercoat. Cats with a back-parting are to be preferred.

Colours and Patterns

All colours and patterns are recognized. Eye colour shall be even and all shades are permitted.


Too short coat, lacking of undercoat, coat with an overall even length. Stop in the profile or a too straight profile are severe faults.

Scale of points

Body 30 points
Head 30 points
Coat 20 points
Colour and pattern 10 points
Condition 10 points