To Shorthair breeds


The body is medium sized and of medium length, almost square. It is muscular, solid
and appears lithe. It is surprisingly heavy for its size. The back is slightly arched.
The legs are firm and muscular, the paws are oval.
The tail is of medium length, strong at the base and tapers slightly to a rounded tip.


When viewed from the front, the head is heart-shaped with great width between the eyes.
The rise of the eye brows comprises the upper curves of the heart-shape, the soft contours
of both sides of the face, which continue to the chin, complete the heart-shape.
The profile is curved. The nose is of medium length and slightly curved downwards above
the nose leather (lion-like). Chin and cheek bones are strongly developed.


The ears are large, broad at the base and slightly rounded, set high. The inside of the ears
is little furnished, the outside is furnished with short and dense hairs.


Round, widely opened eyes, which appear almost oversized to the face. They are brilliant and expressive.
A luminous green is preferred, amber is tolerated.


The single coat is short to medium, lustrous and fine. It lies close to the body. The coat has a tendency to
part along the back, when the cat moves.

Colour varieties 

Uniform silver-blue, lustrous.
On the entire body there is a clearly visible silver tipping. Where the coat is shorter, the silver sheen is intensified.

Nose leather


Paw pads 



  • white hairs or white patches
  • any colour other than a uniform silver-blue

Scale of points

Body and tail 25 points
Head and ears 20 points
Eye shape and placement 15 points
Eye colour 5 points
Coat texture 10 points
Coat colour 20 points
Condition 5 pointsKorat