Original Longhair/Classical Persian


Original Longhair

To Longhair breeds


The medium sized cat has a semi-cobby body, low on the legs and in proportion without being coarse. Medium boned.
Legs short and in proportion to the body. Forelegs straight.
Paws are round, firm and tufted.
Tail as long as the body in length, carried without a curve and at an angle lower than the back. Well furnished. The neck is short.


The head is gently rounded, with a slight muzzle. The face is open.
The nose is medium in length, broad with slight break in profile. Adequate nose leather and nasal apertures.
Nose not snubbed.
The jaw is broad with gentle contours giving the impression of a smiling face.
The chin is broad, firm and well developed.


The ears are medium, set well apart, round tipped and not unduly open at base.
Well tufted inside.


Large, walnut shaped, set well apart and wide open.
Eye colour ranges from aqua marine to emerald green.


Dense and long on body, with full ruff and brush. From the rear, hind legs should have a trousered appearance.
Texture fine, soft and silky, glossy in appearance and standing away from body.

Colour varieties 

all colours

Eye rims and lips 

Black or dark brown.

Nose leather 

Brick red outlined with black or dark brown.

Paw pads 

Black or dark brown.
Pad tufts black, white or pewter.


  • Tearing eyes
  • Snub nose
  • Deep defined nose stop
  • Incomplete lip- or nose liner
  • Pink on paw pads
  • Uneven jaws (undershot or overshot)


  • Eye colour can take up to 4 years to settle.
  • Length of tipping varies from 3% (Shell) to 45% (Shaded). Tipping of 15% and higher is considered Shaded.
  • Tipping appears darker in summer when there is less undercoat.
  • Allow for barring in kittens.

The offspring of a mating Original Longhair Silver and Golden
Varieties and other colours may not be used in the Silver / Golden breeding.

Scale of points

Body 15 points
Tail 5 points
Head 20 points
Eye colour ad shape 15 points
Ears 5 points
Coat (length and texture) 10 points
Coat colour 25 points
Condition 5 points