The colors


Distribution distribution of colours

Markings tabby pattern:tabby blotched, mackerel, spotted, ticked, marbled

Remarks remarks to specific colours

Solid uniformly coloured

Tortie (tortieshell) colour with red/cream

Bicolour 2)solid colour and white

Tricolour 2)tortie and whiteSmoke colour with silver

Smoke and white 2)Smoke Bicolour/Tricolour
Smoke Harlequin
Smoke Van
Smoke with white

Tabby tabby colours

Tabby and white 2)Tabby Bicolour/Tricolour
Tabby Harlequin
Tabby Van
Tabby with white

Silver Tabby, Shaded,
Shell (Chinchilla)
Silver blotched/mackerel/spotted
Silver Shaded
Silver Shell (Chinchilla)

Silver Tabby, Shaded, Shell
(Chinchilla) and white
2)Silver Tabby Bicolour/Tricolour
Silver Tabby Harlequin
Silver Tabby Van
Silver Tabby with white

Golden Tabby, Shaded,
Shell (Chinchilla) Golden
and white
2)Golden blotched/mackerel/spotted
Golden Shaded
Golden Shell (Chinchilla)

Golden Tabby
Golden Shaded
Golden Shell (Chinchilla)
Bicolour/Tricolour, Harlequin, Van, with white

Pointed 1)Points: colour only in the face, the ears, the legs, the paws and the tail
The body is off-white, very slightly shaded in the colour of the points

Pointed and white 1) 2)Pointed Bicolour/Tricolour
Pointed Harlequin
Pointed Van
Pointed with white

Smokepoint 1)Points and body colour have a silver-white ground.

Smokepoint and white 1) 2)Smokepoint Bicolor/Tricolour
Smokeoint Harlequin
Smokepoint Van
Smokepoint with white

Tabbypoint 1)The points have stripes, the tabby pattern cannot be determined.

Tabbypoint and white 1) 2)Tabbypoint Bicolour/Tricolour
Tabbypoint Harlequin
Tabbypoint Van
Tabbypoint with white

Silver Tabbypoint 1)Points and body colour have a silver-white ground.
The points have stripes, the tabby pattern cannot be determined.

Silver Tabbypoint and white 1) 2)Silver Tabbypoint Bicolour/Tricolour
Silver Tabbypoint Harlequin
Silver Tabbypoint Van
Silver Tabbypoint with white

Ticked Tabby (Abyssinian colours) Ticked Tabby
Silver Ticked Tabby

Genetic model for the colours 1) PointsOnly the Siamese-points are described up to now.2) MittedThe description of this pattern is not yet included.