To Siamese and Oriental Shorthair


The body is medium sized and muscular, yet slender and elegant, neither sturdy nor too long.
The legs are medium in length, with rounded paws.
The tail is medium in length and slightly tapering.


The head is moderately wedge shaped with gently rounded contours.
The profile is slightly curved, with a gentle break at the eye level.
Chin and lower jaw are strong, the muzzle is rounded.


The ears are of medium size. They are broad at the base with slightly rounded tips and set
wide apart.


The eyes are large, the upper lid is almond shaped, the lower lid is slightly rounded.
They are set at a slight slant.
Eye colour is an intense blue.


The coat is short and glossy, close lying to the body. It has a silky texture and no undercoat.

Colour varieties 

The Thai is a pointed cat with Siamese points and recognized in all pointed colours without white.
The description of colours is listed in the general list of colours.


  • The aim of breeding the Thai is the traditional type of the Siamese.


  • Any changes of type suggesting hybridization by foreign breeds (for example:
    a woolly coat, pronounced cheeks, a definite stop, round eyes) are undesirable
    and have to be considered as severe faults.

Scale of points

Body 25 points
Head 25 points
Eyes 15 points
Coat texture 20 points
Coat colour and points 10 points
Condition 5 points