Glossary of technical terms



General faults in all breeds

Withhold the certificate for all cats in case of the following faults

Disqualification in case of the following faults


  • stiffness in the spine (including the tail)
  • knot or kink in the tail
  • deformation of the sternum
  • dwarfism (nanism)
  • poly- or oligodactyly
  • monorchid or cryptorchid males in the open class
  • umbilical hernia
  • pregnant or nursing queen
  • Flattened or thickened fingers
  • Visible defects of the skeleton


  • depression / protrusion of the cranium
  • deformity of the skull


  • protrusion of the nictitating membrane
  • pigmented spots in the eye
  • strongly weeping and/or inflamed eyes
  • clouded eyes
  • blindness
  • squint
  • anomaly of the eye lids (entropion)

Bite - Jaws

  • undershot or overshot of more than 2 mm
  • missing or cut teeth in the open class

Coat - Skin

  • shaved or otherwise bare patches
  • scabby areas in the skin
  • dyed coat
  • white spots not requested or not permitted in the standard


  • badly groomed, dirty cats
  • bad physical condition (undernourished cats)
  • cats with parasites
  • amputated claws


  • aggression
  • obviously doped cats (Except: Cats shaved because of medical tests) (for example blood test or PKD-test proved by a certificate)