Name and Headquarters of Association

Article 1 - Name of Association : " Breed Cat Association ".

The Association is headquartered in Istanbul . Short name is KEDI

The Association may open branches in the home country and abroad.

Purpose of the Association and Study Subjects and Forms to be Performed by the Association for Realizing This Purpose and Field of Activity

Article 2 –The Association is founded for making activities of animal rights and cat owners and cat manufacturers efficient and developed and provide support to entities and organizations working in this area.

Subjects to be sustained by the Association and Formats

1 – Performing researches in order to enable and develop activities,

2- Arranging training studies such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels.,

3-Supplying all kinds of required information, documents, and publications for realizing the purpose, to create a documentation center, publishing newspapers, magazines, books and bulletins for its purposes and announcing studies.

4- Providing a healthy working environment for realizing the purpose, supplying all technical tools and equipment , inventory, and stationery supplies.

5- Fundraising and accepting donations from within the country and abroad provided that required consents are taken.

6- Establishing and operating economic, commercial and industrial enterprises for the purpose of supplying required revenues for realizing purposes of regulation.

7- Opening clubs, establishing social and cultural facilities and furnish them for benefit of its members and their leisure times,

8–Arranging dinner meetings, concerts, dance , theater, exhibitions , sports, sightseeing and fun activities or having its members to benefit from these activities in order to improve and sustain human relations among its members.

9- Association activities needed to be moved , real estate purchase , sell, lease , rent and real rights over immovable to property,

10-Goal may be deemed necessary for carrying out in the country and abroad to establish a foundation , association or establish a federation to join the board , may establish associations with the permission necessary facilities,

11- Engage in international activities abroad and to become members of associations or organizations to make joint efforts with these organizations or co-operating ,

12 –If deemed necessary for realizing the purpose, provided that provisions of 5072 numbered Law on Relations o Associations and Foundations with Government Organizations and Enterprises are reserved, performing joint projects with government organizations and enterprises on subjects within its field of activity.

13 –Establishing a purse for the purpose of meeting obligatory requirements of association members such as food and garments, and other goods and services and also short term credit requirements.

14 - In required locations to open branches and representative offices,

15 - Association with the aim of relevance in areas not prohibited by law or with other associations , foundations, trade unions and other civil society organizations to create platforms to realize a common goal ,

16 –In order to realize the purpose, performing all kinds of activities required and not restricted by laws.

17 – Breed Cats pedigree recording of a single central system and assist in the creation, undertake activities,

18 - Breed cats pedigree registration after registration document (genealogy ) assist in delivering on those operating there

19- Angora Cat and Van Cat engaging in activities such as help in maintaining our national races ,

20- The member Organization of the breed cats and assist in the production of engaging in activities subject field training ,

21 - which will be implemented and applied in the world of scientific production techniques and methods help ensure that our country currently using widespread in operation,

22 – Association and branches can issue genealogy (pedigree) certificate only to their own members.

Areas of Activity

Associations in the social domain operates domestically and abroad .

Membership Rights and Membership Operations

Article 3 - having the capacity to act by adopting the principles and purposes of the Association and who agreed to work in this direction and bearing the conditions required by the legislation every natural or legal person is entitled to be a member of this association. However, foreign real persons to be members have the right to settle in Turkey are also required. This condition does not apply for honorary membership .

Association membership application will be made in writing to the presidency of the association membership by the Board within thirty days of the acceptance or denial of the request form is decided and communicated to the applicant in writing of the results. Application accepted member, is recorded in the book kept for that purpose .

The original members of the association, the association's founders and their application was accepted for membership on the board of directors are persons.

Society has provided significant support financially and morally by the decision of the board as honorary members found acceptable.


Article 4 - Each member with a written notice , have the right to resign from the association .

Member's resignation letter to the board as it arrives, be deemed to have resulted in the checkout process. Withdraw from membership, member of the association does not terminate the accumulated debts.

Dismissal from Membership

Article 5- states that require removal from membership.

1 - Engaging in conduct contrary to the statutes of the Association,

2- To avoid the duties constantly,

3- Spite of written warnings to pay dues within six months,

4 - The Association to comply with the decisions taken by the bodies.

5-member to the conditions of being lost,

In case of the detection of the above-mentioned decision of the board can be removed from the membership.

Disposals resulting from the association or its members will be deleted from the registry and can not claim on the assets of the association.

Organs of the Association

Article 6 of the Association organs are shown below.

1 - The General Assembly,

2- The Board of Directors

3- Supervisory board,

Association General Assembly of the Organization Form, Meeting Time and Call and Meeting Procedure

Article 7 The General Assembly, the highest decision making body of the association and the association is composed of registered members. Offices of the Association of the opening event of the number of branches up to three headquarters and branch offices of members registered , number of branches, more than three in the case at headquarters registered members to branches was relocated branch of the General Assembly of delegates elected occurs.

The General Assembly;

In this particular statute at the time of the first - ordinary,

2- Management or supervisory board deems necessary or upon written request of one-fifth of the members of the association within thirty days extraordinary meeting.

The ordinary general assembly three years, within December, in time and place to be determined by the board convenes.

The General Assembly is called by the board.

The Board of Directors does not convene a general meeting of its members on the application of one magistrate, three members to call for a general meeting shall appoint.

Call Procedure

The Board of Directors, according to the association by laws list of the members entitled to attend the general meeting is held. General Assembly entitled to attend members , at least fifteen days in advance of the meeting date, time , place and agenda at least one newspaper or association announced on the website , to be notified in writing to the member reporting the e-mail address or contact number for sending messages or local publications tools used by the meeting is called. In this call, the meeting cannot be made due to lack of quorum, the second meeting day, time and place that is also specified. The time between the first and second meetings less than seven days, not more than sixty days .

Meeting, for a reason other than the lack of quorum is postponed, it also stating the reasons for postponement, the call for the first meeting will be duly notified to the members . The second meeting within six months from the date of adjournment is mandatory. Members of the second meeting, according to the principles stated in the first paragraph is called again.

The General Assembly meeting cannot be postponed more than once .

Meeting Procedure

The General Assembly, of a majority of the members entitled to participate , in case of changes in statutes and the dissolution of the Association with the participation of two-thirds is collected due to lack of quorum in the event of postponement of the meeting will be sought at the second meeting . However, the number of members who attended this meeting, the management and supervisory boards shall not be less than twice the number of members.

A list of the members entitled to attend the general meeting shall be made available at the meeting place. The meeting will take place officially issued identity documents of the members, board members or officers designated by the board of directors is controlled by . Members , adopted by the Board by signing their names on the list enter the meeting .

If a quorum of the meeting shall be recorded and a case conference to be appointed chairman of the board , or drop by one of the board members . In the absence of a quorum shall be issued to the management board .

After the opening, enough to run the meeting and a president elected vice chairman and secretary of the council committee is created.

In the voting for the election of organs of the Association, to the council of the voting members present their ID and signing against their names in the Attendee list is mandatory.

Meeting management and ensuring the Security Council president belongs to.

In the General Assembly, only the items on the agenda are discussed. However, by one tenth of the members present at the meeting in writing requested the agenda of issues to be discussed are compulsory.

In the General Assembly, each member has one vote, members must vote in person . Honorary members may attend general meetings but may not vote. After becoming a member of a legal person, the legal person appointed by the chairman or the person votes.

The issues discussed at the meeting and the decisions taken and a report will be written to the Chairman and signed by the registrar. After the meeting, minutes and other documents will be delivered to the chairman of the board of directors. Chairman of the board for the protection of these documents and the newly elected board of directors is responsible for delivery within seven days.

Voting and Decision of the General Assembly Procedures and Forms

Article 8 of the General Assembly, unlike the decision if the voting is open . Open voting is to define the method of the chairman.

In the event that will be held by secret ballot , sealed by the chairman of the meeting or ballot papers required by the members and after an empty bowl thrown open casting after the end of voting and the results are determined.

General Assembly resolutions, the meeting shall be taken by a simple majority of the members present. So far, the association's bylaws amendment and termination decisions, but two-thirds majority of the members attending the meeting can be obtained through.

Call for meeting or received Decisions

Written with the participation of all members coming together of all the members of the association with the decisions taken in this constitution a written appeal without complying with the procedures

Decisions taken together are valid. It does not replace the regular meeting to make decisions.

Duties and Powers of the General Assembly

Article 9 The following issues will be discussed and resolved by the General Assembly.

1 - Association Election of the bodies,

2- Changing Regulations of the Association,

3- Management and supervisory board and the board release for discussion of the reports,

4 -The Board discussed the budget prepared by the same or varying adoption

5- Monitoring of other organs of the Association, and when necessary for justified reasons for their dismissal,

6 - Denial of membership or expulsion from membership on the appeal against the decision of the board to examine and the adjudicate.

7- Association is required for the purchase of immovable property or the sale of immovable property available to authorize the board of directors,

8- The board of directors regarding Association studies examining the regulations to be prepared or amended and approved the same,

9- association management and supervisory board chairman and members of the public officials without any kind of compensation to be paid to the grants, allowances and compensation for the services of the association members to be appointed will be given to determining the amount of daily allowances and travel expenses ,

10-The Association to join the association and dissociation be agreed,

11- Branches of the Association to be agreed and decided to open branches on the execution of transactions in hue to authorize the board of directors,

12 - The Association to have international activities, associations and organizations abroad to participate as a member or separation,

13-the establishing the foundation of the Association,

14 - to dissolution of the Association,

15 - The Board of Directors decided to connect to other proposals examined,

16 of the Association as the competent bodies of the association has not been assigned to another body of work to be seen and the use of authority,

17 - Legislation by the General Assembly in the fulfillment of the tasks designated to the other,

Formation of the Board of Directors, Duties and Powers

Article 10 - seven principal and seven alternate members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors at its first meeting after the election division of tasks in a decision by the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member sets.

The Board of Directors , all members are notified of the meeting can be called any time provided . The presence of a number of members with more than half is collected. Decisions, who attended the meeting are taken by a majority vote of the full membership.

In the actual membership of the board of directors resignation or other reasons, if there is a vacancy receives a majority of votes at the general meeting of members called to duty in order replacement are required.

Duties and Powers of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors fulfills the following points.

1 - To represent the Association or one of its members on this issue or authorize a third party ,

2- Making process relating to revenue and expenditure account and the budget for the next period to prepare and present to the General Assembly,

3- Prepare regulations regarding the work of the Association to the approval of the general assembly to provide,

4- General with the authority given by the board to buy immovable property , movable and immovable property belonging to the association to sell , build a building or facility , to make you do a lease agreement , mortgage or pledge in favor of the association among real rights ,

5- General with the authority granted by the board ensure the execution of transactions relating to open new branches ,

6- The Association to enable control of the branches,

7-in required locations to be opened representative offices,

8- Implement the decisions taken at the General Assembly ,

Business activities of the Association at the end of each nine - account statement or balance sheet and income statement reports describing the work of the Board is to regulate, when collected to present general assembly ,

10 - To ensure the implementation of the budget,

11- Members of the Association to decide on matters to be taken or removed from membership,

12 To realize the objectives of the Association to take and implement decisions within the authority of any kind ,

13 -Legislative given to him to do other tasks and powers to use

Formation of the Supervisory Board, Duties and Powers

Article 11 of the supervisory board, three regular and three alternate members are elected by the General Assembly.

In the original membership of the supervisory board resignation or other reasons, if there is a vacancy receives a majority of votes at the general meeting of members called to duty in order replacement are required.

Duties and Powers of the Supervisory Board

Audit committee of the Association , by laws shown in the aims and objectives for achieving stated to be maintained subjects of study activities in line is showing , books, accounts and records regulations and articles of association in accordance with the cocked position , association rules identified in the principles and procedures according to and not exceeding one year intervals and checks audit results in a report to the Board and of the General Assembly is collected .

The supervisory board, if necessary call a general meeting.

Sources of Income of the Association

Article 12 of the Association sources of income are listed below.

1 - Membership dues: Members Entrance fee of 40 TL, monthly dues are 6 TL . This amounts to the general meeting is authorized to increase or decrease,

2- Branch contributions and competencies: general expenses of the Association to meet the 10 TL monthly fee is received by the branches. Branch the pedigree certificate (genealogy ) and certificate of titles not authorized to give .

3- Real and legal entities with their own donations and grants to associations,

4- Organized by the Association of teas and luncheons, trips and entertainment, concerts, sports competitions and conferences revenues from such activities,

5- Obtained income from the assets of the Association,

6- Help will be collected in accordance with the provisions of legislation on collection of donations and grants,

7- Association, the revenue needed to realize the objectives in order to provide input gains derived from commercial activities,

8- Other revenues.

Bookkeeping Principles and Procedures of the Association and will be held Books *

Article 13 - Bookkeeping principles

In Society, on the basis of business accounts are kept. However, Regulation 31 of the Association's annual gross income Article in the following accounting period exceeds the specified rate based on the starting balance is kept.

The case of the adoption of the balance sheet basis, the above-mentioned limit of two consecutive accounting period if it falls below the following year from the business account can return basis.

Roll mentioned above, irrespective of the decision of the board shall be held book on the basis of the balance sheet .

In case of opening commercial enterprise of the Association, for this business, according to the Tax Procedure Law books are kept.

Registration Procedure

Association Regulations of the Association books and records are kept in accordance with the principles and procedures specified.

Held-to- Books

Association, the following books are kept.

a) Your account will be based on the book and principles to be followed are as follows:

1 - Decision Book: Board resolutions are written in this book with the date and number six attended the meeting and signed by the members of the decision.

2- User Registry: Association of entering credentials as a member of the association for entry and exit dates are recorded in this book. Amount of annual dues paid by the members input and processed in this book.

3- Document Registry: Incoming and outgoing documents with dates and serial numbers are recorded in this book. Incoming and outgoing documents are copies of the original documents are filed. Incoming or outgoing documents via electronic mail by taking the output is stored.

4- Business Account Book: income received and expenditures made on behalf of the Association is open and is regularly recorded in this book.

5- Registry Receipt: Receipts and order numbers of the series, you cannot return these documents and of the field name, surname and signature with the date on which they receive and return will be processed in this book .

6- Inventory Book: Association of the date and manner of acquisition of the assets to which they are or where they are used to and dropped from the records of lifetime fill is handled in this book.

Receipt of Inventory Book Keeping with the Registry is not mandatory.

b) held-to- book basis balance sheet and principles to be followed are as follows :

1 - ( a) of paragraph 1, 2 and 3 in the third sub-paragraph of the book is kept in the case record keeping book basis .

2 -Journal and the Big Book: This book kept by the method of recording the shape of the Law on Tax Procedure Law, the Ministry of Finance and published in accordance with the authority given to the Accounting System Implementation is done in accordance with General Communiqué.

Approval of Book

In the association, which must be kept notebooks (excluding Big Book), before starting to use the provincial associations will be director or notarized . These books will continue to be used until the pages of books and approving search is not performed. However, based on the balance sheet kept journal will be used in the last month from a year ago , be re-certified every year is mandatory.

Income Statement and Balance Sheet Arrangement

Based on the business account records are kept at the end of the year (December 31) (Association Regulations specified in Annex-16) "Business Account Statement" is issued . In the case of the balance sheet on the basis of bookkeeping , in the year-end (December 31 ) , issued by the Ministry of Finance Accounting System Application General Communiqué on the basis of the balance sheet and income statement is issued.

Association Income and Expense Transactions *

Article 14 Income and expenditure documents;

Association income (Association Regulations sample found in Annex 17) "Receipt" is charged with. Association of revenues collected through banks issued by the bank in case of receipt documents such as receipts or account summary replaces.

Association expenses bills, retail sales slip, self-employment documents, such as spending is done with receipts. However, the association , Income Tax Law Article 94 within the scope of payment for the Tax Procedure Law expenses according to the compass , in this context, for the payments ( Association Regulations Appendix-13 samples found to ) " Expense Receipt " or " Bank Receipt " as well as documents used as proof of expenditure .

By the Association persons, institutions or organizations of charge to deliver goods and services ( Association Regulations Annex 14 with examples) " Further Help Delivery Certificate" is done with. Individuals, organizations, associations or organizations of charge to the delivery of goods and services ( Association Regulations sample found in Annex 15 ) " Kind Contribution Receipt" and accepted.

These documents ANNEX -13 ANNEX -14 and ANNEX - 15 shows the shape and size , severally The serial numbers bearing , self-carbon fifty original and fifty cob leaves resulting from the skin or electronic systems and typewriters to be printed through forms or continuous pressed in a form . Form or continuous form will be printed in the form of documents, it is imperative that the qualifications in specified .


Association to be used in the collection of income "Receipts " ( Association Regulations in the form and dimensions shown in Annex 17 ) by a decision of the board of directors , printing is suppressed .

Of receipts, suppression and control, printing of receipt, recorded in the book of old and new treasurer's handover and receipt with the name of the Association to collect income people or by people that were use of PDF documents and collected revenue for submission of matters of Associations Regulation according to relevant provisions is moving.


Original members of the Board of Directors, except for the person or persons to collect revenue on behalf of the association, the amount of time specified by the authority, shall be determined by the board of management. To collect income individual's clear identity, signature and photo containing (Association Regulations contained in Appendix 19) "Certificate of Authority" organized by the association in two copies, Chairman of the Board and approved by the association. The original members of the board come without authorization may be charged.

The duration of authorizations by the board is determined as one year at most. Expired certificates of authority are renewed by the first paragraph. The certificate of authorization expires or on behalf of authorization issued person's resignation , death , job or task to end in such cases , the authority granted certificates association board within a week delivery is mandatory. In addition, revenue collection authority may be revoked at any time by decision of the board. "

Documents Retention Period Income and Expenses;

Book Except , that is used by associations receipts, expenditure documents and other documents, without prejudice to the time specified in the special laws , they are recorded in the books according to the number and date order are stored for 5 years .

Declaration of Giving *

Article 15 - the Association of the previous year's activities and the revenues and expenses of the end of the year with respect to the results (Association Regulations in Annex 21 submitted) "Association Declaration" by the Executive Board, after approval of each calendar year within four months association by the chairman of the local authority is given to.

Notification Obligation *

Article 16 -notifications to be made to the local authority;

Notice of General Meeting Results

The ordinary and extraordinary general meeting within thirty days , the management and supervisory boards and other organs, containing selected regular and substitute members ( Association Regulations contained in Annex 3 ) Notice of the General Meeting Resultsare given to the local authority . At the general meeting bylaw amendments in the event of the general assembly meeting minutes , by laws changing materials old and new versions , each page of the board members absolute majority of signed articles of association of the final shape in this paragraph within the specified time and a petition, the local authority is to given .

Submission of Immovable

Immovable property acquired by the Association within thirty days after the registration of the deed ( presented in Annex 26 to the Regulation of Associations ) " Real Property Notice " by the fill shall be notified to the local authority .

Getting Help from abroad Statement

By the Association , to be taken in the case of foreign aid before receiving assistance ( Association Regulations specified in Annex 4 ) " Getting Help from abroad Statement " to fill the local authority is notified .

Receipt of cash assistance through banks and use is mandatory to fulfill the requirement of prior notification.

Notification of changes

Society 's premises changes occurring (Association Regulations in Annex 24 specified) " Settlement Notification of Changes"; plenary meeting outside the association organs occurring in the changes ( Association Regulations in Annex 25 specified) "Association of Body in the Notification of Changes" by filling , within thirty days after the change will be notified to the local authority .

Amendments to the statutes of the association as well as the amendments made ​​within thirty days after the general meeting, the General Assembly declaration annexed results are reported to the local authority.

Society of Internal Audit

Article 17 - Association general assembly, board of directors or the audit committee may be done by the internal audit, the audit can be done by independent audit firms. The general assembly, board of directors or audit to be made by independent auditors, the audit committee does not eliminate the obligation.

By the supervisory board at the association's check is performed once a year. The General Assembly or the Board of Directors, if deemed necessary can control or supervision by independent audit firms can make.

Borrowing Procedures of the Association

Article 18 In order to perform the Association and conduct its activities in case of need can borrow with the decision of the board of directors. This borrowing on credit purchases of goods and services can also be made in cash, such as issues may be. However, such borrowing cannot be met with the association's income sources and amounts of payments difficulties will reduce the association cannot be done in nature.

Establishment of Branches of the Association

Article 19 Association, where necessary, by a decision of the general meeting may open branches. For this purpose, at least three persons authorized by the board of the Association

Founders, board, branch offices specified in the Regulation of Associations declaration and required documents, branches of the location of the data on the largest local authority.

Duties and Powers of the Branches

Article 20 Branches, non- entity, objectives and services of the Association in accordance with the task of autonomous and competent in activities, all receivables and payables arising from the Association where he was responsible for their internal organization.

Organs of branches and branches Applicable Provisions

Article 21 - The Branch organs, the General Assembly, the board and the supervisory board is.

The General Assembly consists of all registered members of the branch . The Board of Directors, seven principal and seven alternate, the audit committee of three regular and three alternate members shall be elected by the general assembly of the branch.

The duties and powers of these bodies for association with other provisions contained in these statutes, regulations, within the limits of the branches also applies.

Branch and the Headquarters of the General Assembly of the General Assembly Meeting Time How will represent

Article 22 Branches, the headquarters of the General Assembly is meeting at least two months before the general meeting must end.

The ordinary general assembly of the branches, 3 years, within the month of October, time and place to be determined by the board of branches was collected.

Branches, an example of the general assembly meeting notice results within thirty days after the date of the administrative authority and must report to the headquarters of the association.

Branches, number of branches up to three headquarters in the general assembly of all members with the direct participation, number of branches, more than three in the case, at the registered office of every twenty (20) member for one (1), the remaining number of members over 10 , these members in delegates will be elected in a general meeting of the branch , including through participation in the general meeting is entitled to headquarters .

The last branch office general meeting is attended by delegates elected at the General Assembly. Headquarters office management and audit committee members participated in the general assembly, but cannot vote unless they are elected as delegates on behalf of the branch.

Branch management or supervisory board of management or supervisory official in the headquarters and branch elected to the board when they are separated from the task.

On Representation *

Article 23 - The Association deems necessary to carry out the activities of the association board where the decision may open a representative office. Representatives of the address, with the decision of the board by the person or persons designated as representatives of that jurisdiction shall be notified in writing to the administrative authority. Representation is not represented in the General Assembly. Branch offices are not open.

What will be amended Regulation

Article 24 of Regulation changes can be made with the decision of the General Assembly.

In the General Assembly made ​​changes to regulations and to attend the general meeting of the members entitled to vote 2/3 majority is required. In case of postponement due to lack of quorum the meeting will be sought at the second meeting . However, the number of members who attended this meeting, the management and supervisory boards shall not be less than twice the number of members.

Regulation is necessary to amend the decision of the majority attending the meeting and voting of the members entitled to vote 2/3 percent is. General Assembly to vote on bylaw amendments shall be open.

Dissolution of the Association and Liquidation of Assets

Article 25 The General Assembly may decide to dissolve the Association at all times.

In the General Assembly discussed the issue of termination to the general assembly of the members entitled to attend and vote 2/3 majority is required. In case of postponement due to lack of quorum the meeting will be sought at the second meeting. However, the number of members who attended this meeting, the management and supervisory boards shall not be less than twice the number of members.

Termination of the decision taken decisions which are necessary for attending the meeting and entitled to vote a majority vote of the members of the 2/3 ' compose . In the General Assembly to vote on the termination decision is made open.

Liquidation Procedures

When the general assembly decided to dissolve the association's funds, assets and rights of the end of the liquidation by the liquidation committee composed of members of the board of directors is made. These processes plenary decisions were taken regarding the termination or expiration of the state itself will begin from the date of finalization. All transactions during the period of liquidation of the association named "Breed Cat Association in liquidation " is used phrases.

Liquidation Board in accordance with the association's funds, assets and rights from the beginning to the end of the liquidation process to complete and officials are authorized. This committee examines the accounts of the association before. During the audit the books, receipts, expenditure documents, deeds, bank records and other documents with the determination of the assets and liabilities will be recorded in writing. During the process of liquidation of the association are urged to creditors and any assets converted into cash will be paid to the creditors. In the case of the Association of creditors receivables are collected. To the collection of receivables and payables remaining after payment of all money, goods and rights are transferred to the location specified in the General Assembly. In the General Assembly, will be handed places in the province where the purpose of the association is not specified, and closest to the date of termination shall be transferred to the association with the most members.

Shown in the liquidation report all transactions relating to the liquidation and liquidation procedures, by administrative authorities except for a righteous cause additional time granted shall be completed within three months.

The Association's funds, assets and rights of liquidation and transfer procedures after the completion of the liquidation committee of the situation by seven days in a writing association 's headquarters are located the place where the local authority to be reported to this article and the liquidation of the minutes of the addition is mandatory.

Recent books and documents of the Association in his capacity as a board member of the liquidation committee is tasked with storing. This task may be assigned to a board member. The books and documents must be kept for five years.

Terms Deficit

Article 26 of the Law on Associations on matters mentioned in this Regulation, the Turkish Civil Code and the Law on Associations which have been referring to the Regulations and other relevant provisions of the legislation on associations apply.

Provisional Article 1 - * until the first general meeting of the association created bodies , associations to represent and who will conduct association business and operations related to the temporary board members are listed below.

Temporary members of the Board;

Name and Surname: Job Title: Signature: